foliophoto: november

Let me just begin by saying October was one of the best Instagram months I've ever had...oh wait it WAS the best Instagram month. Why is that? Well Sandra from the Raincoast Creative Salon and I took our foliophoto photography project to Instagram for 31 days of photo prompts. Each day was so exciting because I never knew what I was going to see from the others participating. I loved sharing my interpretations - hearing feedback on my photos - and most importantly connecting with new friends. The foliophoto bunch are some of the sweetest, talented and interesting people I've met.

Sandra and I couldn't bare to see foliophoto end - so we will begin with weekly prompts for November! Check out the new prompts and post dates:


Oh and if you still aren't sold on participating check out what some of the participants had to say:

loisaida nest | alicia carvalho

We hope to see your 'grams!