Foliophoto: Heart

After yesterday's stylized photography inspiration I was dreaming of a way to begin merging my love for styling and photography. I'm going to attempt to create my own version of "stylized images" and will do my best to incorporate any new prompt for the foliophoto project this way! I think it's a great challenge and I'm excited to see how my skills grow...believe me friends I have a lot to learn - and I like a good challenge! Do you have any tried and true photography tips? Prompt: heart(s)

Subject: someone that I heart very much sent me the loveliest snail mail. I swear receiving mail from bloggers is like Christmas! I opened up a package from Erin at artsocial and this lovely gold confetti trickled out. She included one of the sweetest cards and this totally adorable print! I knew I struck gold [sorry...cheesy?!] and found the perfect "subject" for today's photo shoot.

this week's prompt was "heart" captured by Christie Jones of bedsidesign

Camera: Sony NEX-5 with DIY party bouncer | no filter

Join us! Here’s the 411 on our #foliophoto project: Sandra & I will brainstorm a topic each week to interpret through photos [we are trying to build up our skills, portfolios, and original content that we create for our blogs] and you will be able to participate if you would like! We’ve started a flickr group called Foliophoto (public/invite only for now – email me for access or mention it in the comments) and instagram hashtag #foliophoto. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate – come one come all!

Now get those cameras out and dust off your photo skills with next week's prompt: Collection

P.S. Don't forget to check out Sandra from the Raincoast Cottage's foliophoto image for "heart(s)" & check out the others participating!