foliophoto: friend

Well bedsidesigners, it's a long story but our camera still didn't reach us. USPS mis-delivered it and sent it back to Brooklyn. I think this is a test in my patience and right now I may be failing! Once again I'm waiting and blogging with photos from my iPhone 5. prompt: friend

subject: I'm blessed to have really amazing friends. Whether it's someone I grew up with, a co-worker that turned into a pal who then moved away and we still connect years later, or a blogger turned friend I'm surrounded by some amazing people. Having friends as an adult is really important to me. If I'm really honest I think it takes more effort. No longer are you a kid with endless time, a huge imagination, and energy to do anything and everything with a friend. Having friendships as an adult takes time, and intentionality. As an adult the connections are no longer silly things like American Girl dolls, or proximity to your parent's house. To all of those who have befriended me - thank you. To all of those I have befriended - you are awesome. The photo is just a small snapshot of some of the amazing mail I received last week from friends.

photography blogging project captures the prompt friend

Camera: iPhone 5 | Filter: M5 by VSCO

Next week’s prompt? Harmony.

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