foliophoto: eyes

Want to know a secret? I prefer to work with subjects, prompts, and focused ideas when I'm trying to create content for bedsidesign. One of the reasons I'm able to experiment with photography each week is because I'm following a set schedule for the foliophoto series. By focusing in on trying to interpret one word I am able to play more with the creativity aspect. I'm a firm believer of practice. I find that as I turn creativity into a regular habit my creative mind starts moving and I find myself stressing less and experimenting more. If you're looking for a way to engage in a creative habit considering joining the foliophoto project - we'd love to have you! prompt: eyes

subject: Since I previously photographed my favorite baby blue eyes I knew I would take today's prompt in a new approach. The following is my carefully curated eye makeup kit. If I'm going for a little glamor I add eyeliner but each item below helps me create my classic look. I prefer a natural look with a little bit of pizazz so I aim for a neutral palette with a hint of shimmer. I'm the type of person that cannot justify spending a ton of cosmetics but MAC's eye shadow is like no other. For the rest of my cosmetics I use e.l.f. because I have yet to find another brand with the level of quality at such a low cost.

Here's my routine: e.l.f. brow studio eyebrow kit | build your own MAC palette - of course my colors are discontinued | e.l.f. essential mechanical eyelash curler | e.l.f. studio small angled brushe.l.f. essential eye shadow brushe.l.f. studio mineral infused mascara


Camera: iPhone5 | Filter: Camerabag - SuperMagazine

Next week's prompt? SMALL

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