foliophoto: doorway

I try to keep each week's prompt on my mind when I'm off the computer and living my life. Where can I capture that AH-HA moment with a subject that perfectly conveys the approach I'm trying to take. Over the past few months I've used my trusty iPhone5 for all of my photography. Our new camera is on its way and I'm full of excitement and hoping [once again] that I can debut some fancy photos next week. prompt: doorway

subject: We celebrated my birthday on Sunday by starting out at a brand new, local vineyard for some wine tasting. They'll be a more detailed post all about my birthday celebration but I fell in love with the entrance to the main building. The doorway allowed just enough light to shine through and reflected the gorgeous view of the surrounding landscape.


Camera: iPhone5 | Filter: T1 VSCO

Next week’s prompt? Friend.

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