Foliophoto: Broken

When we picked broken as the prompt for this week I honestly thought it was going to be really depressing. I thought over and over about what to capture. I knew I wanted something revolving around glass. Prompt: broken

Subject: Ikea GRÖNÖ lamp. We have a pair of these tabletop lamps from Ikea. During one of our moves [honestly lost track of which one] the edge was chipped and cracked on one. It made me think a lot about what one would consider "broken" - here I am putting this lamp on display. The lamp still works, yet others would say the it's beyond the shelf life. This just goes to show you that real life happens and as much as I try to keep everything perfect [cough I'm a perfectionist] sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

photography blogging project

Camera: Canon PowerShot A3100 IS | no filter

Want to join up? Here’s the dealio on #foliophoto: Sandra & I will brainstorm a topic each week to interpret through photos [we are trying to build up our skills, portfolios, and original content that we create for our blogs] and you will be able to participate if you would like! We’ve started a flickr group called Foliophoto (public/invite only for now – email me for access or mention it in the comments) and instagram hashtag #foliophoto. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate – come one come all!

Next week’s prompt? Heart(s) - how fitting?

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