Foliophoto: Blue

When my girl Sandra from Raincoast Cottage and I decided to collaborate and create #foliophoto I new it was going to be a fun series! We are both on opposite sides of North America, I'm in Syracuse, NY and she's in Vancouver, BC. I was thrilled to see our results from last week's family prompt. Want to join up? Here's the dealio on #foliophoto: Sandra & I will brainstorm a topic each week to interpret through photos [we are trying to build up our skills, portfolios, and original content that we create for our blogs] and you will be able to participate if you would like! We’ve started a flickr group called Foliophoto (public/invite only for now – email me for access or mention it in the comments) and instagram hashtag #foliophoto. You don't have to be a blogger to participate - come one come all!

Prompt: Blue

Subject: The infamous Ian Jones. When I heard the word "blue" I immediately was drawn to this hottie's baby blues. Ladies & gents, I am a sucker for blue eyes and dark hair - I blame this guy for shaping my taste at a young age.

blue eyes thick frames

Camera: Sony NEX-5 + MACRO lens | Snapseed to edit | Society6

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