Foliophoto: artificial

I'll be honest, I'm really intrigued to see all of the photos and inspiration behind this week's prompt: artificial. I selected the word artificial because I needed a good excuse to show off my fancy new air plant terrarium! Guess's artificial! prompt: artificial

subject: Some of you may be thinking that's gross. It's okay, a few weeks ago I was a fake flower hater too. Why have fake things when you can have the real deal? Well, that was before I waltzed into Pottery Barn with an unused Christmas gift card and fell head over heels for their terrarium collection. I already had a vintage lemonade pitcher and knew that this would be the perfect setup. If it makes you feel any better I also ordered some fresh air plants and they should arrive any day! I played around with various angles (I'll be posting some of the shots that didn't make the final cut onto pinterest & flickr) but this was by far my favorite picture.

Camera: Sony NEX-5  |

Next week’s prompt? Street. I can't wait to see all the cities, sidewalks, and street signs - okay that's enough, interpret how you please.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Sandra from the Raincoast Cottage’s foliophoto image for “artificial" + check out the others participating + link-up below! And, if you're new to the foliophoto here's a refresher on what this project is all about.