The FIRST workshop of 2015!

The week before Valentine's Day I hosted a sold out beginner's calligraphy workshop at the West Elm store in Huntington Station (Long Island). It was my first workshop of 2015 and was the perfect way to start out. The energy was inspiring, the laughter was infectious and we had such a blast learning the basics of calligraphy. 

bedsidesign calligraphy workshop at West Elm
bedsidesign calligraphy workshop

Once again the amazing Ashley of Sugar Lane Cake Shop created custom mason jar cupcakes for us to snack on with some Valentine's flair. Believe me when I tell you they are delicious. 

tasty sugar lane cake shop cupcakes
bedsidesign calligraphy workshop

Thanks so much to everyone who came out - it was so nice meeting you all! A huge thank you to the team at West Elm Walt Whitman for helping us once again have so much fun. And last but certainly not least - major thanks to Ian (my awesomely supportive husband) for being my assistant & photographer! I'm so looking forward to this weekend's sold out workshop back at the West Elm Walt Whitman store!

Do you want to learn calligraphy? Check out my upcoming workshop or request your city!