Escape the Mundane and Travel in Style!

How do you vacation? Where do you stay when you visit a different city or country? Are you a hostel type, or a luxury hotel lover? I'll let you in on a little secret - I love planning. Planning things gives me satisfaction. My husband and I want to take a trip to Europe. We have both visited before but never together and not the same countries. Around our 5 year anniversary we hope to make the trip over the pond and really see it all. One place that is on the top of my (and now his) list is: Brussels, Belgium. Why, you ask? Great question, two words: PANTONE HOTEL. Yes, it's real, feast your eyes. Their slogan,

Welcome to the center of the color universe.

Pantone Hotel Brussels

The stark contrast of white with pops of color is how I want everything in my world to be, so the fact that an entire hotel like this exists, oh man I have to see it for myself! The attention to details inspires me. Take for instance this coffee set up (as you all know I love coffee).

coffee bar in pantone hotel I am determined to figure out how to ride a bike because they have bike rentals that scream style. (Yes, it's true, I have technical difficulties with bikes. Stationary bikes are fine, training wheels are great, take those away and I'm on the ground! I've blamed my equilibrium for years, but I am determined to make this happen. Plus my husband would be thrilled to have a bike partner.)

pantone hotel lobby with colorful bikes

Plus, I would love to do a series on all the different bedside tables that they have! A glimpse at their bedside manners:

pantone hotel bedroom nightstand

The great thing is you can pick the room based on color. Since color affects your mood you will be able to select the color that inspires your stay. These are the rooms that they offer:

colors affect your mood

I will keep saving, and dreaming of the colorful vacation we will one day take! Do you have any vacation plans, or dream hotels that you want to visit?