DIY Snazzy Seed Bead Necklace

It must be the week of necklaces and boy to I have a DIY treat for you! Sara from Beautifully Contained is here to show you how to make a pretty snazzy necklace! Are you like me an can't get enough of her creative DIY projects? Follow her on Twitter + Facebook + Pinterest!

Beautifully Contained DIY

Hey!  I am really excited to be back today because I’ve been saving up this seed bead necklace especially for you guys!  And look at who agreed to be the lovely model for the project?  Thanks Christie—you are the best!  DIY Seed Bead Tutorial

It seems that statement necklaces are huuuuuge this year.  A few weeks ago I was walking past the bead section of my local craft store and they happened to be on sale.  Like, 50% off on sale.  Now, I’ve got pretty good self-control, but I do have a few weaknesses: 1) put a piece of chocolate out in front of me and dare me not to eat it (ha), and 2) throw me in the middle of a bunch of beads and dare me not to buy any (yeah right!).  So after a lot of hemming and hawing over the huge selection, I ended up walking out of there with two bunches of pre-strung cobalt-blue seed beads, which I then used to make this:

DIY by beautifully contained

Isn’t it cute?  It goes with so many outfits!

BUT, onward to the important stuff—the how-to!  First off, these are the things that you’re going to need:

  • Nylon thread
  • Seed beads (I suggest the pre-strung ones because they make re-stringing onto the nylon a LOT easier).
  • Crimp beads
  • Small pliers or crimping pliers
  • 2 medium-sized jump rings and 1 necklace clasp
  • Scissors

If you’ve never used crimp beads before, they are actually little metal beads that can be flattened down with pliers.  You can use them to secure strands of beads so that all of your hard work doesn’t slide right off.

DIY necklace

To make your bead strands, you’re going to string a bunch of beads to the length that you want, and then at the end add 1 crimp bead.  Take the end of your nylon string and loop it back through the crimp bead to form a little loop, and then clamp it shut with the pliers to hold everything in place.  You’ll do this for each end of the bead strands.

DIY: end of bead strand

Once you’re done stringing everything, your bead strands will look like this:DIY: all bead strangs

Take one of your jump rings and open it up.  Loop one end of your bead strands onto the jump ring and then attach one end of your clasp.  Repeat this for the other side of the bead strands (and the other end of the clasp!). DIY: jump ring

When you’re done, your clasps/rings/strands will look like this:

DIY: clasp config

And now you’re done!  See how easy that was?  I made all of my bead strands exactly the same length, although kind of I wish that I had left them all slightly different to give it some more dimension.  I guess that this will just give me an excuse to go back and make another one sometime!