DIY Geometric Pillowcases!

Guess what friends? Sara from Beautifully Contained is back with her second DIY post for you. I am seriously in love with this one and have been brainstorming colors and patterns for my pillowcases since I saw hers! If you are looking to be inspired check out more of her amazing DIY projects and we also have a Pinterest board conveniently created for you to get your pin on with these ideas. DIY SERIES Beautifully Contained

Lately I’ve been trying to find small ways to bring more color and pattern into my house.  This isn’t second nature to me, so I’m taking baby steps—a little artwork here and maybe a throw blanket there—it’s slowly coming together!

Anyway, I’m completely and utterly smitten with all of the geometric textiles that I’ve been seeing around the web lately.  I’m also mildly obsessed with mint green (that’s what I painted my living room!), so it’s no surprise that the two joined forces for this project: geometric pillowcases! 

DIY closeup pillowcase

First, I raided my linen closet for two plain Jane pillowcases.  After giving them a quick iron, I used a piece of cardboard to stretch out the end of the pillowcase and keep the paint from soaking through the second side of the pillowcase.

DIY pillowcase

I used some basic painters tape to tape off a design.  Don’t stress yourself out about making it absolutely perfect!  Each pillowcase is oh-so-slightly different, but you’d never be able to tell unless I pointed it out.

DIY taped pillowcaseGrab some paint.  I used Martha Stewart’s line of paints because they can be used on a variety of materials—including fabric.  Mixing a little bit of fabric medium with the paint is supposed to help make the paint softer on the fabric (non-crunchy) and help it wash well over time.

DIY paint supplies

Don’t mix too much fabric medium with the paint though, or else it will make the paint runny and it may bleed underneath your tape!

DIY painted geometric pillowcase Use a small foam brush or paintbrush to paint your design.  Peel off the tape and let it dry in a safe place.

DIY geometric pillowcase

Following the directions on the back of the paint container, I used a hot iron to set the paint after it had been drying for 24 hrs.  Then I washed the pillowcases to make sure that they are all clean and ready to snuggle with!

DIY geometric pillowcase

I love how they turned out!  What do you think?  Want some more ideas?  Try doing this to the edge of a tea towel, or maybe a blank art canvas.  It’s amazing what a little tape and paint can do!

DIY closeup geometric pillowcase

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