Design Residency: washi-geo bedroom

I'm thrilled to announce that the design residency series that Kate from Striped Cat Studio and I created is adding another contributor! When Celestine from java AFICIONADO asked if she could join I was super pumped since I'm working on taking risks this month. I love her blog and unique approach - this girl is serious about coffee and I can totally get down with she's totally rocking out my sidebar [look to the right]. This series is totally going places! l'inspiration: Ice Cream by Claire Fawcett. Do I really need to explain why? From the color palette [it is totally bedsidesign approved!] to the sprinkles and disconnected cones this print is so inspiring that it made me bust out some French.

ice cream inspiration

The translation: I gasped when I stumbled across Urban Outfitter's colorful geometric duvet cover. All I see is ice cream and sprinkles when I look at it and that just sparked my idea to make this into a bright, eclectic bedroom. I imagine that living in a glorified ice cream themed room would be awesome, and even though I'm not a huge fan of wall decals once again UO gets it right. Maybe I'm on a kick seeing washi in every thang but I am not complaining.

washi-bedroom with geometric items from urban outfitters

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Do you scream for ice cream, washi tape and geometric patterns?

This is a collaborative series with Striped Cat Studio + java AFICIONADO. Check out their Design Residency posts and follow along with our pinterest!