Design Residency: The Modern Mancave

Today I'm introducing a new series! This idea was inspired by Kate from Striped Cat Studio's Wearable Design series. We chit-chatted about taking it and decided to bring you: Design Residency! Sort of a play on a residency as home/residency as artist's residency...aren't we witty? I fell in love with this piece by Amanda Mocci. The way that the ink slowly disappears, is crisp, and contrasted peaked my interest.

design residency series on bedsidesign

The translation: I envision a modern, minimalist den, aka the MANCAVE! Don't worry ladies - this is going to be a place you won't mind hanging out in. First things first, the room would need a statement piece. Since I'm not into hunting Bambi I'd prefer to have some faux taxidermy. Since when did faux taxidermy get so stylish? By keeping the color scheme to black, white, and brass each item easily finds its "home". Textural accents like slate, leather, and wool keep things masculine. What den is complete without a pimped out barcart? The wool rug features an arrowhead pattern which reinforces the minimalistic-hunting vibe.

modern accents reinforce the minimal hunting references

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This is a collaborative series with Striped Cat Studio. Check out her Design Residency post and follow along with our pinterest!