Design Residency: Swanky Library

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...I love to read. Makes sense right? I remember being a kid and my parents would knock on my door and say it was time for bed but I wouldn't be able to put my book down. I'd hide under the covers for hours with a flashlight reading story after story. Needless to say I love book designs. Have you seen the Barnes & Noble Classics designed by Jessica Hische? If not you should totally check them out. The inspiration: Jessica Hische's take on Sense and Sensibility.


The translation: I imagine a room with the sole purpose of being a library. The color palette and whimsical florals are tied in from the book cover. If I'm reading Jane Austen I want to read it in style. Lounging on a velvet chaise with an intricate chandelier would definitely transport me into the book. Oh and that bookshelf? It's just like a library ladder...genius.


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This is a collaborative series with Striped Cat Studio. Check out her Design Residency post [also a great one if you are a reader!] and follow along with our pinterest!