Design Residency: Sunroom Lepidopterology

Do you ever see something and wish that it was your style? I was strolling around in Target a few weeks ago and saw some items from their threshold line. Beautiful embroidery, butterfly glass cases and shadow boxes are just some items among this style. I stood there for about 5 minutes [which is long for one section in Target] and picked up all the different items. I realized something... I love these things, but they just aren't me. Ian finally wandered over and found me perplexed. I held a few things up and he just shook his head back and forth. Ahh confirmation. As we left the store I knew what to do with this confused feeling of love...make it a design residency blog post bay-bay! The inspiration: really the story above is my inspiration but I found that this Moth Identification Chart pretty much sums up the aesthetic.



The translation: I picture a sunroom off the family room for a writer who dives into lepidopterology from time to time. Shadow boxes, artwork and lampshades all pay tribute to the love of moths and butterflies. A classy chair and bright tulip shelf create a comfortable setting to reflect these fluttering creatures.

a sunroom for someone who love butterflies

1. Threshold™ Butterfly Shadow Box - 1 Butterfly 2. Ecologie Dish Towel 3. Threshold™ Butterfly Design Multicolor Lampshade 4. Threshold™ Wood Tripod Table Lamp Base 5. Threshold™ Decorative Accent Cloche with Butterfly 6. Tulip Storage Shelf 7. Dagmar Chair

Are you a fan of this decor style? Do you love butterflies? Tell me in the comments!

This is a collaborative series with Striped Cat Studio. Check out her Design Residency post and follow along with our pinterest!