Dates on the Cheap: Thrifty Shopper

It's Friday - and today I'm flying to Long Island to visit my family + friends. Not only are we going to celebrate a belated Christmas but it's also my sister's sweet 16! I can't believe the last time I was "home" was in April...yikes that's too long. Between the fact that we [I] crashed our car and were planning on this mini-vacation, our dating budget was definitely miniscule this month. And so, the dates on the cheap series certainly came in handy! dates on the cheap series by bedsidesign

A common, spur of the moment date for the Joneses is to go thrifting. Thankfully Ian doesn't hate thrifting so he enjoys himself - we even picked up our "cracker" chair for $40! Plus, we get a kick out of the ridiculousness within thrift stores.

If you want to really challenge each other set a cash limit: each of you take $5, $10, $20 [whatever you have] and see who can find the best: ____ fill in the blank. You can be practical and find the best frame, or shoes, or the most EPIC piece of decor. Whatever you pick make sure you hash out who scored the best item over some coffee.

Would you ever go on a thrifting date?

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Have a great weekend! xo