Dates on the Cheap: Get CREATIVE

Yay - it's the weekend! I don't know about you but here in Syracuse it is FREEEEEEZING - like into the negative degrees. I'll be honest, when it's this cold I have zero desire to go out on a date. I mean, I want to spend to "us" time but I'd rather not have to leave the warmth of my home. Luckily I'm married to a man that is creative. dates on the cheap by bedsidesign large size

On our "to do" date list is: Get CREATIVE. Caution: this is NOT a first date idea...might be too creepy for that. Let me break it down for ya:

Supplies - paints (pick your medium acrylic, watercolor, if you wanna be fancy schmancy oil), canvas, paint brushes, garbage bags, tape, pencil, and last but not least - blindfold.

BLINDFOLD?! If you are thinking, "what the...." just hear me out.

Set up a "workspace" in your apartment/house. Tape down the garbage bags so that it will cover the floor or surface that you will be painting on. You may need to use a few to create a large enough space for the two of you to sit. Create a painting palette with your favorite colors ready and waiting to be painted. Draw a line down the center with your pencil [if you want it to be precise you can use a straight edge to do so].

Blindfold your partner and prepare their paintbrush with your favorite paint color [1 at a time, or if you wanna get mixy knock yourself out!]. Guide their hand to the canvas and let them paint up a storm. Refill their brush as needed, and feel free to switch up the paint colors each time. Watch as they create their masterpiece.

When they are finished switch spots and paint the other half of the canvas. If you wanna really make things crazy don't watch as they paint - just fill their brushes with paint. That way you are completely surprised when you see the final product.

Now hang that art where the world can see - or hide it in a spare room if it's awful.

I promise I'll do a follow-up post on this once we complete the task...I'm thinking this weekend might be PERFECT for this.

P.S. Engage in painting wars at your own risk.

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