Dates on the Cheap: Get Artsy

The weekend is here my friends. I don't know about you but Syracuse is snowy! Ian declared today "sloth day" because he's rarely off on Saturdays and we are totally exhausted. I'm happy we will be all cozy and warm, relaxing for the rest of the day. Remember how I talked about a cheap and creative date idea - painting blindfolded? Well, we followed through and let me just say - we had a BLAST! Today I'm debuting our "masterpiece".

dates on the cheap series by bedsidesign

We had a small canvas with some artwork that we were not so keen on anymore. That sucker got whitewashed to make it a blank canvas. We sectioned it in half with a rubberband - but tape will also work just fine! Next we picked out some acrylic paints.

diy craft painting date

Now here comes the fun part. The first artist gets blindfolded [no cheating]. The other person fills up the paint brushes and gets to pick whatever colors they want. The artist goes to town - but they don't know what color they are using and they can't see what they are painting...Ian was up first! I absolutely love his work. He laughed the whole time saying, "I feel like I'm blind...I'm not sure...I want to see!" I told him to trust me. It was actually really cute and I love that he played along.

ian's diy painting

And then there was me. It was so weird painting without any idea what I was doing. I wanted to see it all. I needed to know what colors he was choosing. But I let him guide me as I had for him. I think his side is better but he remarked, "yours looks minimalist." Ah, and that's why I married this amazing man...always knows the right thing to say!

diy cheap date ideas

What does it look like all together? Drumroll please...

creative and fun dating ideas

I actually kind of love it. What do you think?

I would LOVE to see your creations if you decide to take on this date idea. Make sure you send your photos my way!

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