Creative Escape!

April is here and with it comes a month focused on intentional creativity. I'll be honest, I have moments of pure inspiration. I jot my ideas down. And sometimes that's where it stops. In an effort to get my ideas off of paper [or onto...more on this to come!] I'm taking the month to really be intentional about my creativity. create

[ image + print by bedsidesign]

I'm trying to carve out time and space to plan creative moments. Whether it's the photography for this blog, an afternoon of painting, or an online course - I'm the type of person who needs to be completely present when I'm engaging these moments. I can't worry about the laundry, what's for dinner, did I email that person, when did I plan drinks with my friends - and all that jazz. Organization = sanity.

I just started using wunderlist and so far so good - but I think that's because I LOVE seeing all the things I completed crossed out...yep I'm a total nerd.


How do you stay organized? Do you use an app, a list, a planner? What are your tricks? Tell me your secrets. Ready, set, go!