Color Emphasis: GRAY/GREY

We watched The Grey this weekend and I was immediately inspired for this weeks Color Emphasis. Whether you spell it gray or grey I think you'll enjoy these items.

color emphasis: gray/grey[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten ]

I'm a big fan of all shades of gray, especially heather gray. I asked Ian what manly items he would wear, because he looks awesome in gray. It seems like Express is the best place for all sorts of gray-man clothing. I'm totally loving that cardigan, boy my guy has good taste. I love a fitted, Mad Men inspired dress and I think I need to find one just like this. On cold fall or wintery days when the sky is gray, pull that color into your living room with a cozy reading nook. Set it up with a comfy chair, warm blanket and texturized pillow.

How do you wear gray?