celebrating 26

On Sunday I celebrated my birthday - and since this month's happiness goal is about celebrating here's a little recap! For some reason turning 26 was easier than 25. Last year I was freaking out, feeling old, and worrying what I wanted to be when I grew up. This year we played it low key. My mom flew up on Friday and took me out to dinner. We tried my brother's new menu at BC, and it was delicious. It was the first time my mom and were one-on-one up here in Syracuse. Even though I still am struggling with my health it was reassuring to have my momma around. celebrating-26

Sunday we ventured to Owera Vineyards. All I can say is the vineyard is stunning! We tasted some wine, laughed, and strolled around the grounds. We checked out PF Changs shortly after for some food and I was thrilled to see a gluten free menu!

The evening ended with a homemade gluten free cake baked by my beautiful mom and coupled with local peaches and blueberries. Okay, okay I sneaked a little cool whip to top the cake but a girl's gotta have some fun - am I right? be-happy-banner