Calling all Syracuse Design Lovers!

Since I'm a Syracuse transplant I jump at any chance to connect in my local community. Syracuse Sync is an event bringing together the Syracuse design community. When I found out about Syracuse Sync earlier this week I did a little dance:  Syracuse + design + event? Heck yeah!

As most of you know I'm not a "designer" - this blog is my playground, and has led to some amazing connections. I'm thrilled to find that there are other passionate people locally who have similar interests. I was so excited about the upcoming event that I asked for a Q/A with Dan Rose, who promptly answered all of my questions.

syracuse design by ian jones

[photo by Ian Jones]

Who should attend? There's really no limitations to who can attend, but I think there's some simple criteria to consider. Do you live or work in Upstate NY? Do you have interest in design, the ever-changing state of the web, and starting a community? If yes to both of those, you're a perfect candidate. That means you can be as straightforward as a web designer for a Syracuse agency or perhaps a front-end developer from Rochester or an Albany blogger with an eye for design. 
As long as you want to learn about what's happening in the web design world and contribute to establishing a community, Sync is for you. The emphasis is on Syracuse and web design, but the theme is widely applicable to most locations and disciplines.

What should we bring? Enthusiasm. Unequivocally. This event is homegrown and 100% dependent on attendees talking, tweeting, Instagramming, and simply consuming the experiences they're sharing with one another. There's wi-fi, so bring whatever device you're comfortable with for note-taking or socializing, but it's certainly not required. There's snacks and water, and a fantastic lunch.  This is the opportunity to get to know your fellow pixel-mates, so bring as much or as little you'll need to do so.

Who will we meet? At it's core, Sync is genuinely about meeting one another. I hope we have great attendance, which will mean the opportunity for you to meet the majority of area designers. We'll have folks working at agencies, studios, non-profit organizations, freelancers… and they're coming from Rochester, Albany, and everywhere in between. More specifically, you'll be introduced to the Upstate NY AIGA, meet some folks from Aten Design Group in Rochester and Denver, and be right next door to the awesome stuff happening at Rounded. But this thing is in your backyard, Syracuse, so local designers should be the majority of who attends.

[image from Syracuse Sync website]

Is this a one time event? Hopefully not! The intention for the 1st Sync is to kickstart the community and get people meeting more frequently, discussing the challenges of working on the web. I'll share more of my intentions at the event, but it's safe to say the landscape of what this hopes to establish is quite wide. In the immediate future, the goal is to have a blast with this one and instantly being plotting the next one, so being at the 1st Sync has the potential to be incredibly influential.

Who is behind SyracuseSync? In theoretical terms, we all are, since there's been a growing need for this kind of event in our area (just ask around). Technically, it just started with me and the desire to make this happen. I speak at conferences quite frequently around the country, and I have conviction that I need to contribute more to establishing my local community. We all do. So I'm partnering with the fine folks at Rounded (Rob Grazioli) and AIGA (Sarah Burns) to get this thing going. But yeah, in general, when you talk to @syracusesync or send a message through the site, I'm on the other end :)
That won't be the case after the September 6th. We'll all "own" Syracuse Sync and be "behind" it. 

If you're a local and design is your thing you should totally attend! Check out the website and register. If you're planning on attending let me know so we can connect - oh yeah and spread the word!