bedsidesign vacation

Some of you may be wondering where I am! I'm currently taking a mini-break from blogging. If you're wondering why you can read all about it here. Some of you have asked how it is going...well it's been GREAT! I'm starting to unwind, relax, and slowly working on getting healthy [goodbye 15 pounds of unwanted weight!]. bedsidesign

[bedsidesign made it to the beach!]

You may begin to notice some slight changes around here while I'm still taking time off. What are these changes? Well as much as I've loved offering sponsorships it's a decision that I've debated since day 1. In order to focus more on my blog, brand, and direction I'm heading in I've decided to remove sponsorships for the time being. I'm not anti-sponsorship. I'm not anti-ad agencies. I just am not at a place where that is my #1 priority.

Along with removing ads I've also done away with affiliate programs. Again - I'm not anti-affiliates but it just isn't making it to the top of my list right now. My goals? Simplify, streamline, and tailor my schedule so that it is just that - my schedule.

And okay okay - this is supposed to be a blog break, so I mean it this time! My little sister is flying in and we're going to spend some more time together relaxing and enjoying Syracuse! xo