bedsidesign is new and improved!

Happy Monday bedsidesigners! The time has finally come and we are operating via! I'm totally doing a little dance because I've had so much fun making the switch. What do you think? Over the next week I will share my journey with you - so if you are thinking about kicking your blog up a knotch I have some recommendations for you! So what does this new look for bedsidesign mean?

I now have ad space available through Passionfruit Ads. Check the sponsor page to book your space now! This will take away the headache of making sure ad space works, and are maintained. When I discovered PF Ads in June I was so sad that users couldn't feature paid ads. PF was one of the biggest reasons I decided to make the switch.

I made the switch from to by taking Gab White's Web DIY Workshop.  This wound up being a super fun experience. I took her classes, nerded out a bunch with html and all sorts of FTP things. The best part was that Gab answered every crazy email that I sent and walked me through the whole process. I wouldn't have launched without her. This girl deserves a lot of cred. I'll post some more about her classes this week for those of you who are interested.

Jen Serafini - this lady is a total lifesaver. I initially thought I would do all the design work myself. That was fine, but I'm not a designer. I also realized after spending some time refocusing that I wanted more of a branded look. I had some ideas but I couldn't put them together. Jen hooked me up with a brand spankin' new logo, social media buttons, design guidance, and another friend to hold my hand through the process. If you are considering a redesign Jen is your lady. Plus, she attended college in Syracuse so she has a special place in my heart. I'll explain a bit of our design process tomorrow.

Who is this new contributor that I recently hinted at? Drumroll PLEASE....IAN JONES. That's right ladies & gents - Ian, the hubs is not only going to be a reader but he is emerging as a contributor. I am so beyond thrilled because this guy has great taste - I mean, he picked me didn't he?! Ian is a photographer, techie, and lover of design. I think you will really enjoy hearing from his perspective and I hope you welcome him to the bedsidesign team.

The pages up at the top are all reworked. Spend some time checking them out. I'm especially excited that Jason Evans of [re]think syracuse gave me the okay to include his gorgeous neighborhood map of Syracuse. Check it!

I hope you enjoy the changes that are being made. Stay tuned for this week's IN LOVE post.