Be Present

I’m in a very celebratory mood. I just celebrated my 2 year wedding anniversary & the end of this month marks 1 year of blogging at bedsidesign. I wish I could pop open a bottle of champagne and party with ya’ll! I’ve learned a lot about marriage and blogging in the past year and I feel fueled up for 2013! With all that said, does anyone have a hard time with being present? I have to keep reminding myself to be present because I wanna rush ahead. I want it to be 2013! I wanna get started on my next project, the latest collaboration, the next new thing. But, if I’m consumed with thoughts of moving forward I might miss wonderful & current opportunities right where I am. I’m definitely working on this: Be Present.

presents and being satisfied

Speaking of presents: since it’s that time of year I would like to offer you all a little gift to say thank you! Ad space is currently 50% off. Ring in the new year with some discounted ad space to promote your blog or shop. Use the code “be present” for 50% all ad space valid through December 31st.

be happiness linkup

This is a Happiness linkup. Be inspired by the other amazing bloggers and please check their blogs out & join the fun!