Bathtub Lust - Gimme that tub!

I am a bathtub kind of girl. I was as a kid, then for a while I could care less, but now I am totally a fan of a good soak. In our first apartment I was terrified of the bathtub (everyone has that crappy first apartment) but it didn't stop me from taking my baths. In the house we live in now we share the bathroom with our housemate so I haven't had my typical bath time routine. That's why a bathtub is on the list of needs as we look for our new apartment. We saw an apartment a few days tub, not really even a shower stall since the bottom of the "stall" was flush with the bathroom floor. Since tubs have been on my mind I decided to share with you my favorite "dream" bathtubs/bathrooms. Drumroll please....see if you notice a theme:

First up, for the minimalist inside, this bathroom overall is a stunning and would you look at that tub?

[The Design Traveller]

gorgeous sunken bathtub

There's nothing like a clawfoot tub.

[Kipling House]

gray bathroomI absolutely love subway tile (hint - this may be part of the trend that I love) and this built-in tub is breathtaking!

[My Ideal Home]

subway tile bathroom

Two words: attic + bathroom. How cool is that, and it's a great use of space.

[Home Architecture Design]

attic bathroom

Oh, to have a bathtub with a ledge, so much room for activities.


modern bathtub

This one makes me speechless. I don't know if you can even call this a bathtub, it's more like a square pool in your house.

[Bottega Tokyo]

cradle mountain spa tub

But, if I absolutely had to have a shower stall this would be the one I would want. I mean come on, it has a fireplace inside it!

[Where is the cool?]

modern shower stall with fireplace

What do you look for in a bathroom?