Are you Fab?

My brother introduced me to a couple months ago. I am a huge fan! I'm inviting you!

This morning Fab caught my attention with these:

Bedside Manners 8pk I

by Design Orange

fab bedside manners

Loving the name I just had to know what these were, here is the explanation:

A very updated rendition of the traditional calling card, these Bedside Manners note cards communicate your best intentions—or utmost appreciation—with just the right dose of sass. Slip one to the object of your affection before or after your time together—the assorted one-liners cover all such occasions.

Pack of eight cards. Includes one of each message: good morning lover; sleep tight sexy; you are darn cute; smooch; smokin' fine; divine; too cool; wanna nap later?

If you are wondering, these are made from 100% Recycled paper, 100%PCW - totally eco-friendly!  Quirky & fun, these are a perfect budget gift for Valentines Day (which is 1 month away)! Check out more items on or at Design-Orange.