An Embarrassing Confession...

I have a confession to make and it's slightly embarrassing...I cannot ride a bike. Cue shocks, gasps and heads shaking from side to side. Yes I could at one time [which almost makes it worse] but when I "got back on it" I didn't stay on it for very long. Maybe I have a problem with my equilibrium. Maybe I was just too scared or maybe I just wanted an excuse to not fail at something. Either way I'm over it. I am determined to learn  relearn how to ride a bike. My lovely husband is left with the challenge of teaching me. 
This year art print from society 6 about bikes.

[print by around & around]

It has been on my mind so much so that I had a dream the other night. I was totally sporting a cute cruiser bike [basket full of flowers and all] and when I woke up I was so disappointed. I am 25, it is time.

Are there anythings that you are trying to learn?