A Pleasant Surprise!

This afternoon I was working on taking some photos for upcoming blog posts [woohoo!] when I heard a commotion downstairs. It sound like someone was trying to shove a box or something that was too big for the apartment mailboxes and finally it stopped. I starting snappin' away on some pictures when I was startled by loud banging on my door. Ian wasn't home so I crept up to the peephole to get a good look at whoever was making all this ruckus! Keep in mind I have to step on my tippy-toes because my 5'3" frame is just shy of meeting up with it. No one was there so I opened the door and to my surprise I found a package. I came inside and looked at the address it came from and immediately I knew who it was from! I participated in a "Pay it Forward" giveaway on Emily's blog and she sent me a present. I tore open the box and found this: pay it forward blogger gifts

Emily made a set of teacup candles for me! In her note she even said that she knew I loved color but made them white so that they could go with everything - ah she knows me so well! Come on - how cute are these?

pay it forward blogger gifts

A big THANK YOU to Emily. If you love dogs you should totally check her blog out.  I can't wait to send my gifts out to the winners!