A Happy Blogging Heart

February has come and gone and with it had a lot of really wonderful moments for bedsidesign. When I created my happiness project in October [can't believe it was so long ago!] I didn't really know what a month of "love for bloggers & brands all around love" meant. How would that pan out? What would I do differently? Something that I will say over and over again is how much I am loving the blogging community that I am a part of. But how could I "show love" via my blog? Good question. I tried to think about it on a realistic level and here's what I've been working on behind the scenes for the past month:

happy heart by bedsidesign

[ image by bedsidesign ]

1. Show some unwarranted love. Visit a blog & leave a comment or tweet at them.

2. Oh and how am I going to keep track of all the blogs I follow? Yeah, I'll be honest I was a bookmark blog follower until this month...can you believe that?! No more bookmarks for me! I synced all my blog favsies onto bloglovin once and for all. I even downloaded the app so now I can stay current on all my favorites. I'm a fan of how easy it is to use and ultimately is way more organized...bye bye bookmarks! Plus, that's showing some bloggers love right? I mean the name is bloglovin! With that, you can follow bedsidesign on bloglovin too.

3. I teamed up with one of my fave blog/shops/brands - Sugar & Type - to offer my first legit blog giveaway...it was a whole lotta fun. Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway that I am ecstatic about. Oh yeah, planned that this month too...wink.

4. Something I've really enjoyed is continuing blog comment conversations to email. I have a select few that I've been consistently emailing and getting to know - at this point they are all bloggers too so we have a LOT to talk about. Listening to other's struggles, inspiration, and goals is such a privilege and I don't take that lightly. Ya'll know who you are and I heart you! This act is something I recently started and I'm so glad I did!

You may be thinking that's a lot of blog love but what about brands?

5. I've researched like a crazy person some brands/shops that I think fit within the bedsidesign vibe in prep for March's "Take Risks" month.

That's a lotta love packed into 28 days but I know this is one of those goals that will trickle out through the rest of the year!

How do you show love to other bloggers and brands?


P.S. I am participating in the Happiness linkup. Be inspired by the other amazing bloggers and please check their blogs out & join the fun!