Our Online Calligraphy Course

It's no secret that I love teaching calligraphy. Over the past 3+ years I've taught over 450 people my calligraphy style. One of the most common emails I receive is from someone not on the northeast or in Long Island looking to learn and wondering if I'll travel to teach.

I used to travel all over the northeast to teach when I first started. I loved it - mixing my love for road trips + travel with my love of calligraphy? What could be better? The thing is I burnt out REALLY quick, and I since I was always traveling I didn't have a lot of space in my schedule to book those custom jobs I really love. That's why I've worked all year getting this online course up and running so that I can still teach you from the comfort of your own home! Check out our teaser video!

With my online course you'll have the option to purchase a personalized starter kit (it's perfect for gift giving), email directly with me for critiques of your work, and have liftetime access to the course details. I created all the lessons into separate videos so it's super easy to follow along, pause or rewatch without losing your place.


One of the things I *wish* I had when I started my journey was to be able to see real-time writing the letters. As someone who is a visual learner I made sure to demonstrate each letter breaking it up into the different steps. It's also super therapeutic to watch!

If you're looking to start your lettering check out more details, or grab your spot at a discounted rate until 12/9/17! If you have any questions send me an email!