Calligraphy Workshop at Swell Anchor Studio

You guys, my dream came true. I always dreamed of having my own studio to teach in and now I'm living in that reality. I love what I do, I love sharing my passion with others and I had to teach FORTY-ONE workshops until I finally could teach one in my studio. Needless to say I teared up quite a bit in the beginning because it's been a long journey over the past three years to get to this point.


We sipped on apple cider mimosas + cold brew coffee, and snacked on pumpkin muffins. With only six people taking the workshop I have plenty of time to work one-on-one sharing my tips and tricks. Since the holidays are here we ended the workshop learning some popular holiday phrases. 

I searched and searched for a class to get me going with calligraphy and this was the answer. I really would recommend Christie to anyone who is wanting to explore the art of calligraphy. She makes it fun and easy to understand.
The Swell Anchor calligraphy workshop was such an incredible time for me! As a creative in the industry I’m always trying out new art forms and different ways I can incorporate things that inspire me into my day to day. Having little to no calligraphy experience, it was awesome to find an in person class like this one. Watching videos online and following tutorials couldn’t come close to what I was able to learn from the intimate in-person studio workshop. Christie was super enthusiastic and thorough- going through all of the basics and breaking down the how-to’s with every letter and question we had! To top it all off: add a dreamy space, pumpkin muffins, apple cider mimosas and cold brew to the mix! I’d highly recommend this class to anyone looking to add a little calligraphy into their lives!

Our newbie calligraphers all cheery after a wonderful workshop experience! I'm kind of obsessed with that backdrop - it's totally the Swell Anchor vibes.


If you're interested in learning and not sure what it will be like check out our recap video to see what the experience is really like - basically it's a blast!

If you're looking for more details about our in person calligraphy workshop check it out, or if you're bummed that you don't live on Long Island but still want to learn from me we are now offering an ONLINE CALLIGRAPHY COURSE! YAY!