Summer Creativity

Summer is my favorite time of year. I was born in the summer. I live for days spent soaking in the sun and listening to the ocean crash along the shore. Last summer Ian and I had just transitioned from Syracuse back to Long Island. I feel like last summer I desperately tried to maximize every free second but there was so much going on. This year I have a game plan in place to intentionally live & create.

summer creativity by bedsidesign

The first step that will free up some of my time is that I'm not going to be teaching any workshops this summer. I LOVE teaching. It is one of my favorite things I can do but it is also very draining. There's a lot of prep, promotion, and then there's the actual day where I teach. I'll be offering private calligraphy lessons locally on Long Island (if you're interested contact me to set up your lesson!).

P.S. that summer creativity image is the first lettering I've done with my Wacom tablet, and I don't think it'll be my last!

death cab for cutie lyrics in calligraphy by bedsidesign

The summer is when I feel inspired. This is why I want to intentionally create. I've set aside some new products, ideas, and things that I want to offer. I also came up with a list of new hobbies I would love to try.

weaving loom

This summer my mom is picking up her weaving skills and she's teaching me. I've always wanted to learn and I'd love a hobby that I can do while sitting on the couch, in the grass or on the beach. I'm starting out small. She's starting out small with me, my sister and grandmother. Her dream is to teach workshops. I love that we'll be bonding in a different way since I've taught all of them calligraphy!

my weaving design in watercolor

I used to paint a lot before I opened my business. I loved the freedom I felt when putting the brush to paper - the ability to be abstract contrasts the preciseness of calligraphy. I have three specific paintings in mind that I would like to work on. I also want to challenge myself to paint my weaving designs - the above painting is my first one. I'll also be joining my grandmother at her the Tuesday morning watercolor classes she takes. I'm excited to continue learning.

There's a few other things on the creativity to-do list: some DIY woodworking projects with Ian, screen printing, and making candles. Combining these creative outlets with plenty of outdoor adventures I think is the balance I need to truly enjoy this summer.

What do you plan to create this summer?