Picnics with Leo

Saturday marks the third week that Ian and I adopted our little dog Leo (Leo Dorian Jones has an Instagram!). We always wanted to adopt a dog but we were waiting until we bought a house (more on that hunt soon!). Fate intervened and three Saturdays ago I saw the darling face of a three year old miniature dachshund posted on Facebook that he needed an immediate forever home. In a matter of three hours from seeing the photo he was at the house, meeting my sister's dog and became a part of our family. It was a whirlwind and needless to say I was not ready for the 5:30 am bathroom break. 

the joneses

He came from a loving home but unfortunately his owner was ill and could no longer take care of him. The first moment he saw Ian & I he jumped into my arms and started licking my face. We feel like he's been with us for years. The transition has been incredible and this little dude just needed some love & to play to get out all that energy!

Since we've had him he has LOVED everyone that he has met, loved shopping in Petco, and has been extremely friendly (both with adults & kids like my little niece). We decided he was ready for a proper family outing (other than dropping Ian off at work - which Leo also LOVES car rides). We planned to pick up food from one of our favorite local spots - Flo's - and we brought our chairs, blanket and of course Leo's dinner too.

picnics with leo
baked clams
guacamole & chips
picnics by the beach
picnics with leo
montauk summer ale

It was a bit colder by the water than we anticipated so we didn't last super long but just the trial run put such a smile on my face. Sitting with my favorite dudes - Ian & Leo - looking out at the water, eating delicious food - these are the moments that I live for. We came home and enjoyed some Montauk Brewing Company's Summer Ale which is delicious. 

I can't wait to make this a habit - exploring Long Island with Ian & Leo and having as many picnics as possible!