Sugar Lane Cake Shop Workshop

Usually I'm the one teaching workshops so I jumped at the chance to take a beginner Sugar Rose workshop taught by the super talented Ashley of Sugar Lane Cake Shop. Ever since Ashley hired me for her website design I've had my eye on her work. For my Long Island workshops she's created mason jar cupcakes with whatever flavor combination I ask for. You can't beat that, and the best part is they are delicious.

sugar lane cake shop sugar rose workshop

My sister - an aspiring pastry chef & sister-in-law (who just wanted to get out of the house) came with me. We were greeted with wine and a lovely cheese platter (with my fave - prosciutto). Everyone was swooning over the granite.

Besides the kitchen, we had these gorgeous sugar roses created by Ashley to inspire us. We learned how to make them in stages. It was extremely hands on - totally my jam, and the one-on-one instruction we received was so helpful. Ashley reassured us all along the way...even when we thought we were just making blobs.

Sugar Lane Cake Shop

Below are my sugar roses. It was really fun to see how each person's personality came out in the way that they created them. 

Sugar Lane Cake Shop Workshop

I'm pretty sure my sister (featured below) smiled the whole time. Her roses were way more refined while my roses looked a bit more wild.

Sugar Lane Cake Shop Workshop

Working with sugar flowers can make you hungry. Along with the wine & cheese we had mini cupcakes that were absolutely delicious. I wanted to fill my pockets with them, but believe me, my pockets didn't need them. 

Adding the color was by far my favorite part. We used edible powder and dusted the flowers. We each selected our own color(s) and began dusting the petals. I started with a color called watermelon. It wound up looking like watercolor - I was so amazed.

Sugar Lane Cake Shop Workshop

I also chose a purple - can't remember the name off hand but used it as small accents, and on my smaller roses. 

Sugar Lane Cake Shop Workshop

We had an absolute blast and learned something new. We wound up using the roses for my grandma's birthday cake the next day and she thought they were real roses!

Ashley JUST opened registration for her next workshop on Saturday, March 7 from 6-9 pm in Nesconset, NY. She'll be teaching Sugar Ranunculus Workshop for Beginners! Make sure to register - you don't wanna miss this! To see more images from the last workshop search #sugarlanecakeshopworkshop on Instagram!