Calligraphy starter kit for under $15!

My bedsidesigners - I'm back! Taking the last month off of blogging really helped me get ahead on some major projects and things in store for this business. I'm not going to lie though...I missed this space.

calligraphy starter kit

While on vacation I started a new series. Wednesdays = Calligraphy 101 here on my Instagram. I'll be sharing tips & tricks for those interested in learning calligraphy! 

What do you need to build a basic calligraphy kit? You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars. The kit featured in this photo costs under $15!!! That's the cost of about 3 lattes. Make your coffee at home for a week and use that extra money to jump start your new kit!

Item 1: the pen holder - Speedball straight holder $1.39
Item 2: the nib - Zebra Comic G $1.95
Item 3: the ink - FW acrylic black ink $4.75
Item 4: the paper - Rhodia pad size 6x8.25" $5.50
Total: $13.59!!!

Please feel free to ask questions & I'll answer them in the comments or in a future 101 post!