Wescott Wall Art + Weekend Links

For about two years I've had my eye on one wall in Syracuse. I've featured it a couple times on my Instagram, and it seems like everyone loves it too. Since I'm leaving the Syracuse area for a bit I thought now would be the perfect time to find a way to bring this wall with me...and share it with everyone else who loves it. Introducing - the Westcott Wall.

It's available for phone cases, stationery cards, framed prints, prints, and stretched canvases!

I'm currently in Long Island - spending time with my family for my grandfather's big birthday bash. Since I'll be away here's some of my favorite links for the week:

+ Volume 1 of Trouvé is ready for purchase!

+ One of the prettiest studio spaces in Philly.

+ If you are a creative you should totally join The Creatives Club!

+ My girl Kory just finished school (CONGRATS!) and presented this killer project.

+ Two of my favorite things combined?! Sandra's recipe sounds like a summer hit!

+ Joanna shares about stepping away from the computer and taking MY calligraphy workshop!