DIY: Make a Rose Heart Wreath

Kicking off this week is the lovely Helen of Helarious. She eagerly stepped up to the plate when I started asking for help during this busy time for me. Her blog is full of inspiration and creativity - which I think you'll see in this adorable DIY that she is sharing with us today!

Every time I come home from work and I arrive at my door, I find myself thinking how plain and dull it is. It’s not very inviting and certainly doesn’t have enough colour or vibrance to it - does anyone else feel the same? 

I live in an apartment so it’s a little bit harder to spruce things up, but I decided to give it a try anyway and it turned out super easy! I’ve put together a quick DIY using some mini crafty paper roses, blu-tack and (optional) gold glitter spray!

rose heart wreath diy

All you need are about 20 mini paper rosebuds. These are really easy to find and cheap. Most craft shops should have them or you can try online, like Ebay or Etsy and searching for "mini paper roses" usually does the trick! They are basically small rosebuds made out of thick paper attached onto wired stems.

To begin, grab two rosebuds and place one approximately 3-4cm away from the first. Keeping both rosebuds facing in the same direction, begin twisting the wires around each other to create one continuous length of wire. If one of the rosebuds moves from the direction it was facing, just twist it back to where it ought to be. 

rose heart wreath diy

Continue adding more and more rosebuds, using the same wire twisting technique. Make sure to try and place each rosebud around similar distance from the previous one so it looks consistent. After every few roses, I tend to stop and check to see if all the roses are facing out in the same direction.

rose heart wreath diy

Once you've finished stringing together all your roses, close the loop by twisting the head of the very first rose onto the wire end of the last rose. Twist like you have been doing before and you should now have a circle of roses. 

Create the heart shape by bending the centre bottom of the circle. Taking the rosebud directly opposite, push this downards to create the top apex of the heart, where it curves in. Bend the rest of the circle into a heart shape form using your hands. Finish by twisting each rosebud so that they are all facing towards you. 

rose heart wreath diy

And if you enjoy a touch of sparkle (don't we all sometimes!), simply shower the top of your wreath using gold glitter craft spray.

rose heart wreath diy

Hang up your rose heart wreath anywhere to add a touch of pretty! Mine's hanging on my front door, but you can put it really anywhere. I used some blu-tack to secure it against the door, but you could also use some (invisible) fishing wire to hang it off a hook too. 

You can jazz your wreath up by combining different colour rosebuds or floral varieties. So many pretty possibilities! Where will you be hanging yours?

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