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I woke up at 9:30 am yesterday. I hit snooze for 15 minutes and rolled out of bed at 9:45. I usually check my email, social media, and schedule with my morning coffee. Yesterday was different though because I had a follow-up appointment with my asthma / allergy specialist. 

I got ready for the appointment and then looked at my phone which seemed to be flipping out with notifications. You see, I was interviewed last week for a feature on Syracuse.com and the post was published! I got a little sidetracked by all of the buzz and realized I was running late for my appointment.

Sitting in the waiting room I saw 5 spots in my Saturday calligraphy workshop disappear. Only 1 more remained. I tried to focus on the appointment at hand but I was jittery with excitement.

My doctor came in and began to talk about my progress over the past few months. She could have easily been talking about my small business. "You've improved so much...you're in such a better place!" She let me know that my lungs have improved immensely and that my overall health is so much better compared to when they saw me at the beginning of the year. My tests came back and my lung function is NORMAL. 

Back in December and January I was on 4 breathing treatments A DAY!

I left feeling so confident in my health and by the time I got home the class was SOLD OUT. I couldn't believe my eyes. The emails poured in, and the sharing of the article continued. The whole time I kept saying how I'm so glad I made time this weekend to update my logo (did you notice the change?).

If the day ended with that I would have been thrilled but the awesomeness continued! I was also featured in Sugar & Type's Creative Crush series! I talked in detail about my favorite treats, why I blog, and my current creative crush!

I'm so incredibly thankful and encouraged from all the kind words I've received.