Creativity Warmups: You Are A Tourist

There's nothing quite like sitting down, opening my ink, and dipping my nib into it for the first time that day. There's a calm, and a thrill. 

When I was younger and learning how to play the piano I always found that I played better when no one was around me. I could let myself go - and I would get lost in the music that I was creating.

One of the first things I do before I begin any of my calligraphy is select the music I'll listen to. I found that I need to have a mix of upbeat and slow songs - this helps me keep my momentum.

I find the same is true with my calligraphy work. If I'm by myself I can really let loose. As my hand creates forms from memory I get lost in the warm-up. 

death cab for cutie calligraphy lyrics

Creativity Warm-up 3: You Are A Tourist lyrics by Death Cab For Cutie

(The work created in this series is during my first 15 minutes of warm-ups. Nothing is edited.)

Do you listen to music while you create?