Postmark Society launch!

About a year ago I teamed up with Kory to start the Postmark Society (or PS). It's a pen pal group FOR bloggers created BY bloggers. We desired connection offline and we both are passionate about keeping handwritten letters and mail alive in this modern era. 

Today we are pleased to launch our brand new website! We wanted to take PS to the next level. The website talks about the mission behind PS, and how to sign up if you want to become a part of it! We're social too - check out our new Twitter + Instagram profiles + a Pinterest board where we'll share letter writing ideas, mailing tricks, and connect with the PS members. 

We're about promoting the PS community as a whole - not just individual members. We want to see YOUR pictures, hear about YOUR experience, and cultivate a place for bloggers to connect.

All you need to be is a blogger to join! If you want to be a part sign up here

(Oh and P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day!)