My workspace

I currently live in a two bedroom apartment. Since day one we have used our second bedroom as our office. I've tried to make it feel homey - creative - and mine...but it hasn't worked. You see, Ian works full time from home in that very office. He takes a lot of trouble shooting phone calls and he's mentioned it's quite distracting having me in there. 

I'll be honest - I have a hard time sitting still, staying focused, and can rarely create in silence - or if I'm hearing someone else talk. Our living room is a multi-purpose room because we don't have an eat in kitchen. I didn't want it to become a living room / dining room / office / workspace. I was super stubborn about that but realized that I rarely get to use my creative space because when Ian is done with work the last place he wants to relax is in that very office. That translates to me avoiding the office when he isn't working. I would never use my desk. I'd cart all of my stuff back and forth and use a laptop - which can work for some but again, I get very easily distracted.

About two weeks ago I finally decided it's time to move my workspace out into the open. I'd love to have one of those spaces with bulletin boards full of inspiration but it doesn't fit well with the way that I process things. I aimed for a functional, minimal space that I wouldn't be embarrassed of if friends came over to hang out.

christie jones - desk

I pulled in some of the colors that I find soothing (the aqua / teal), and made sure that my space did not get cluttered. I need to be able to shuffle things around, spread out, and to be able to reach the things that I consistently use. 

What did I learn? I may like the look of a super decorated office or workspace but that's just not conducive to my work ethic. 

Sources: desk + lamp: IKEA desk  + IKEA lamp | alarm clock: Target | succulent holder: Hobby Lobby | wood box: thrifted | teardrop vase: The Object Enthusiast via Baba Souk | coasters: gifted | wacom: Bamboo | books: Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy + Modern Calligraphy