Creativity Warm-ups: Your Hand In Mine

I'm excited to debut this new series: Creativity Warm-ups combining three of my favorite things: music, calligraphy, and photography.

MUSIC: As a musician I would always warm-up for 15 minutes before I began to practice a piece or write a song. The 15 minute process would allow my muscle memory to kick in, and I would either get in the zone or would need to step away due to fumbling around on the keys.

CALLIGRAPHY: Learning calligraphy has revived a huge respect and love for practicing music. I once again need to warm-up before a project. I give myself 15 minutes to get used to the pen, nib, ink, and try to pick up a rhythm. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: I actively try to test out different shots. I love documenting things. I often reflect on progress through photographs.

music warmups - 1

Creativity Warm-up 1: Your Hand In Mine - Explosions in the Sky

The series will capture my warm-ups during that first 15 minutes with whatever song I'm listening to at the time - be it lyrics, band, or song title. I hope you follow the progress, discover some new music, and if you would like to start your own Creativity Warm-up (using your own creative outlets and mediums) share your progress with the hashtag: #creativitywarmups