Cultivating a Creative Community / Maximize It

Over the past two weeks I shared some of my thoughts on cultivating a creative community. I believe that having a tribe as a creative is extremely important. I've found that I can turn inward very easily - and having a connected network makes me care about others, be inspired by others, and available to others. Creating a network can often lead to collaborations, more connections and potentially more clients.

Knowing what you bring to the table is important. Maybe you are a photo stylist and you're looking for content to capture - if you have an artist in your corner pursue that. Maybe you are a writer in need of a website and you're connected to a brilliant designer. 

Maximize your relationships. Maximize your skills. Maximize your resources. 

cultivating a creative community - maximize it.jpg

You don't necessarily need to do the work for free. Work out a deal. Communicate your needs. Breanna Rose just touched on the topic of trading services. 

Stay connected. Some of the people that I consider part of my tribe are not local. We stay connected through emails, social media, and sometimes video chats. I can't even begin to explain how valuable these relationships are to me. Some of them have referred clients to me, or mentioned me when they see a need that I offer services in. I've done the same for them. The world and the Internet is a huge place but it can seem less overwhelming when you have other people's backs and they have yours.

How do you maximize your community?