i'm dreaming of a gold, black, and white christmas!

I recently saw a pin on pinterest with the caption "black and white Christmas - how depressing!" I on the other hand LOVE this trend. I decided to get a bit creative this year with our Christmas decor. 

 DIY abstract Christmas ornaments in black white and gold paint

1. I purchased empty glass ornaments.

2. I used black twine to act as the hooks, and gathered black, white and metallic gold acrylic paint.

3. I took the tops off, squeezed some paint in, put the tops back on and shook the ornaments as much or as little as I wanted.

The end result? Abstract, custom, and unique Christmas ornaments. The best part is the ornaments were 50% off so this project only cost me $5...five dollars for 12 ornaments? I'll take it!

Are you working on any affordable holiday DIYs?