Photo Styling with Frock

When I began planning my redesign and business launch a few months ago one of the most important things to me became the impression of my brand through the photography. How would I communicate the things that inspire me, the tools that I use and that I'm drawn to styles that may not normally match up. I began looking for photos that evoked the emotions that I wanted my portfolio to portray. These four images were some of my favorites.


top: left | right bottom: left | right

I was thrilled to see that Joy Uyeno from Frock Files launched a photography styling company called Frock. As a long time fan of her blog I hoped that she would be able to take my inspiration and bring it to life. I was completely blown away by her eye for design, and how well we worked together. Joy agreed to give us a glimpse on her creativity.

 Place Cards calligraphy by bedsidesign.  Photo styling: Frock

Where do you find your inspiration?

Joy: Since I've lived most of my life in cities but I now live in the woods, a lot of my inspiration comes from the juxtapositioning of sleek and rustic. I draw inspiration from cafés, bookstores, and boutiques as much as I do from driving home through the forest. 

What is your favorite part of photo styling?

I love that the objects and photos are always surprising. They tell you what's working and what's not. I can't tell you how many times I thought something would be great, only to look at the photo and realize that it needs an extra element. And sometimes I don't know if a photo will work, but once I see it on my screen it conveys a mood and atmosphere that I didn't even know I was creating. 

 Wes Anderson Moonrise Kingdom quote in calligraphy by bedsidesign.  Photo Styling: Frock

You tell stories through your photo styling...what story were you dreaming up for bedsidesign?

Christie and I worked together on the mood behind the bedsidesign photos. We knew we wanted them to be chic but natural. I imagined that they were the pieces to an outdoor wedding beneath the trees, with every element thoughtfully dreamed up. 

What do you keep on your bedside table?

My phone, a book, and a reading lamp.

Thank you again Joy for your brilliant work! If you're in need of photo styling check out Frock!