Hedgerow General

I'm thrilled to share with you all one of my new favorite shops - Hedgerow General. The brick and mortar shop is located in the quaint town of Morrisville, New York. Luckily, for those that do not live in Central/Upstate NY Hedgerow General also has an online presence

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After opening the online store in October, Andrea Wickert opened her local shop in November. I was thrilled to hear of a shop that sold vintage, antique and unique items nearby since we don't have anything like it! Ian and I made it our mission to check out the new shop and this one-room store has more charm and character than I could have imagined. 

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What's your favorite thing about owning a local shop?

Andrea: Opening the last stock cabinet to the left. The smell of the soap in there is intoxicating. But honestly the realization of a lifelong dream is something that is still sinking in every day. The shop's (and my) hometown of Morrisville, NY is a small rural town where the arts and retail were not predominant. Getting to introduce a curated collection of finely made home goods, my very favorite periodicals, essential tools for writers and notetakers alongside vintage treasures we've been collecting for years and our own lines of handmade goods is amazing. 

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What is your favorite part of the process?

The initial process of establishing ourselves with vendors, creating our online shop and opening our brick + mortar location was exhilarating. Now that we have our first few "Made" by Hedgerow General listings up on the website I am so excited to start devoting more time to get back to actually making products again! My mother's sewing machine has been going non-stop and new rollers just came in for my Kelsey presses so the "Made" section of the shop will be expanding soon! 

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What do you keep on your bedside table?

My bedside table is actually three tiered, the bottom two shelves are filled mostly with design books and magazines. There are never less than 3 notebooks lingering within a foot of the table - either on under or next to it. There's a lamp and a jar on top of the table with essential tools for a moments notice: pencils, paint brushes, scissors, tablet stylus, and as I look right now - mustache patterned tape. Like I said, essentials.

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Here are some of my favorite's from the shop. I'll be honest though, the shop is so intentionally curated that I wanted to post every single item. Instead, I narrowed it down to six.

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one / two / three / four / five / six

Andrea was generous enough to offer an exclusive promotional code from now until January 31st just for bedsidesign readers! Use the promo code: bedsidesign for 15% off your order!

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