3 years!

Today is our three year wedding anniversary. It's totally typical to say "I feel like it was yesterday" but this year is different. I feel like we have been married for about that long (obviously we have been). Three years sounds right. We are no longer "newlyweds", we are in this. 

 Our Wedding Album made by Artifact Uprising

I finally put together a wedding album and had a few wedding photos printed. I used Artifact Uprising to create a soft cover book. The end result is stunning and quaint.

 my wedding rings

The holidays feel so festive in our home because it starts the anticipation of our anniversary. There's nothing like seeing the the first house decorated for Christmas, smelling the Christmas trees, and the first snowfall - cue butterflies in my stomach and complete romance. Growing up I always thought that I would get married in the end of summer or early fall but the way that our relationship turned out was to get married 6 days before Christmas...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

 Inside our wedding album by Artifact Uprising

I'm so thankful for Ian. It's cheesy - I know - but he really is the perfect man for me. He completely gets me. He supports me. He encourages me. He's also not afraid or intimated of my own success. Tonight we're going to a local restaurant - the restaurant that we actually were married at and had our intimate reception at three years ago. It's the first time we're going back together and I'm so excited to create new memories with Ian.